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The prime concern of,ltd is to render the efficiency and consistency service to our customer. Our comprehensive maintenance program, this to ensure that all equipment will be in good condition and ready to be utilized during term if warranty. The key success is professional training program which aim to develop knowledge, skill and efficiency of our staff to meet our customer satisfaction.

Engineer Service and Support

Technicalbiomed Company Is the only representative in Thailand That has been licensed to supervise and provide maintenance advice for tools from Cynosure Company with a team of Service Engineers that are capable and received a Certificates directly, ensure the attention to details in Machine care Including equipment Authentic quality spare parts Confidence in every use.

Service and warranty ของบริษัทเทคนิคอลไบโอเมด

Equipment and Devices
Check-up and Maintenance.

Service and warranty ของบริษัทเทคนิคอลไบโอเมด

Quick Response Within
24 Hours after Claim Submission.

Service and warranty ของบริษัทเทคนิคอลไบโอเมด

Free Delivery and Spare
Parts Replacement Service.

Service and warranty ของบริษัทเทคนิคอลไบโอเมด

Temporary Replacement and Spare
Parts Support In case of Emergency.

Service and warranty ของบริษัทเทคนิคอลไบโอเมด

Provide Support in Solving
any Immediate Problem.

Service and warranty ของบริษัทเทคนิคอลไบโอเมด

Most Recent
Software and System Update.


Our maintenance service Emphasizing the highest quality and efficiency by a team of Service Engineers who are expert in maintenance. Which has been trained until being proficient Certified Able to give advice and correct advice To maintain and extend the service life of the equipment for longer.

Service and warranty ของบริษัทเทคนิคอลไบโอเมด
Service and warranty ของบริษัทเทคนิคอลไบโอเมด
Service and warranty ของบริษัทเทคนิคอลไบโอเมด

• The client will have a visit from our specialist in the maintenance. Bangkok site visit 4 times per year and provinces 2 times per year.


• The defective products will be repaired or fixed by charging only the equipment cost and the cost of spare parts with 15% discount from the original price. 

อัตราค่าบริการมีมูลค่าตั้งแต่ 12,500 บาทขึ้นไป ตามประเภทเครื่องมือ

The company will provide an inspection and maintenance services performed by the technicians, on the request of the client. The client is required to pay a service charge of 5,000 Baht or 8,000 Baht (For laser equipments). The cost of any equipments or spare parts will be charged accordingly.


1. This limited warranty extends only to Merchandises imported and distributed by,ltd with a coverage of 12 months and is valid from the date that the client purchased the product.

2. Products subject to warranty conditions. The company will provide an inspection and maintenance services performed by the technicians.

3. During the Warranty period,,ltd will repair or replace defective parts with spare parts free of charge. The company reserves the right in making decision for maintenance or replacing defective parts in normal use according to the instruction manual.

4. If the goods subject to warranty conditions are damaged and cannot be resolved within 7 days, the company will provide a temporary device for the client until the corrective action.

5. Even within the warranty period, the client is responsible for the repair fee. This limited warranty does not apply if:

• Any damage caused by improper use, inadequate care or incorrect system installation that does not meet the specifications in the instruction manual supported by the company.

• Modifications or repairs by a person or service centers not authorized by,ltd

• Any damage caused by uncontrollable circumstances such as public hazard, natural disasters, power outages, natural deterioration or accident such as cargo delivery, scratches.

• The warranty does not cover accessories such as cables or consumables.

6. The warranty covers only the defects that occur with the product. The warranty does not cover any monetary loss, business opportunity loss, any loss or damage of data, photos, programs or any other data files.



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