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Harvesting SVF at the POC


Highly efficient SVF cell separation and concentration right on the sterile OR instrument table


High yield of viable regenerative cells (SVF and ASC)


Fast fat harvesting and SVF isolation in one single-use closed system

Fast and effective.

The only system for harvesting regenerative cells (SVF) that can be used at the point-of-care.


The new compact Q-graft® system for the intraoperative separation and collection of regenerative cells (stromal vascular fraction/ SVF) from adipose tissue will support and enhance the research and clinical application of SVF cells for many therapeutic indications.


Unlike other methods, the Q-graft® system stays on the sterile instrument table in the OR throughout the treatment and thus at the point-of-care.

In the operating room

for intraoperative separation and concentration of adipose derived stem cells
Q-graft® is used on the sterile OR instrument table in the operating/procedure room during liposuction, or in the research laboratory, for standardized separation and concentration of high numbers of viable SVF (stromal vascular fraction) cells in a sterile closed system.

In the research laboratory

for research purposes and production of mesenchymal stem cells
In the laboratory it can help simplify the open, labor-intensive manual tasks associated with laboratory-based SVF and adipose stem cell isolation, concentration and culture.

How it work

Phase 1 : Preparation of the Q-graft® with body-jet®

หลักการทำงานเครื่อง Q-Graft

Phase 2 : Collection of lipoaspirate in a closed system

หลักการทำงานเครื่อง Q-Graft

Phase 3 : Incubation and mixing of the lipoaspirate with Q-graft® control

หลักการทำงานเครื่อง Q-Graft

Phase 4 : Cell separation under cross-flow filtration, concentration of SVF cells

หลักการทำงานเครื่อง Q-Graft

Phase 5 : Sterile collection of the lipid-free SVF cell suspension via CELLS port

หลักการทำงานเครื่อง Q-Graft

The Q-graft® is being used for sterile and effective harvesting of regenerative cells in the operation room

หลักการทำงานเครื่อง Q-Graft

Advantages at a glance

Why the Q-graft® is first choice when you are looking for great results with minimum effort.

  • Separation, concentration and recovery of a high number of vital, lipid-free regenerative cells (SVF).
  • No laboratory and no centrifugation required.
  • No transfer of tissue or cells outside the OR.
  • Standardized SVF cell separation in a sterile, closed loop system.

Innovation. Quality. Experience.

Premium water jet technology. We set standards in the field of natural body shaping.

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